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gDCweb™ Terms of Use

Governing Agreement

These Terms of Use are within the scope of Sections 1, 2.1 - 2.4, 2.6, 2.8, 2.9, 3, 6, 7, 8, and 10 of the current geoLOGIC License Agreement between your company (“Customer”) and geoLOGIC systems ltd. (geoLOGIC).

1 Overview

gDCweb™ is owned by geoLOGIC and is made available to each of Customer’s employees as a Named User (“Named User”) subject to the Named User’s compliance with these Terms of Use.

Access and use of gDCweb and/or the geoLOGIC data, information and/or software products and services ("geoLOGIC Products") is subject to, and governed by, these Terms of Use. By accessing, downloading and/or using any geoLOGIC Products, you confirm your agreement to and acceptance of these terms. geoLOGIC reserves the right to update these Terms of Use at any time without notice to you.

gDCweb ™ and geoLOGIC systems ltd.™ are trademarks of geoLOGIC systems ltd. Other products mentioned may be trademarks of their respective companies.

2 License of geoLOGIC Products

All right, title and interest in and to the geoLOGIC Products shall remain the exclusive property of geoLOGIC.  No right, title, interest, or license of, in or to the geoLOGIC Products, other than as is expressly set out herein, is granted to Named User under these Terms of Use by implication or otherwise.  These Terms of Use shall not constitute any representation, warranty or guarantee to Named User by geoLOGIC with respect to the geoLOGIC Products.

3 Access

Access to gDCweb is controlled by the use of your gDCweb login name and a password ("Named User credentials").

Only you may use your Named User credentials. You must keep your Named User credentials confidential and not authorize any third party to access or use the geoLOGIC Products on your behalf.  You must contact us right away if you suspect misuse of your Named User credentials or any security breach in the geoLOGIC Products. You're responsible for all activity that takes place with your Named User credentials.

4 Unauthorized Use

geoLOGIC has the option to terminate your geoLOGIC Products access, without notice for

  1. Any conduct, that geoLOGIC, in its sole but reasonable discretion, believes is in violation of any applicable law or is harmful to the interests of another user, a third-party provider, a service provider or geoLOGIC;
  2. An attempt to disrupt or interfere with geoLOGIC's servers, networks, computer programs, information or services; and
  3. If you attempt to use, disclose or disseminate any geoLOGIC Product or information in violation of these Terms of Use.

Further, any unauthorized or prohibited use may additionally subject the offender to civil liability and criminal prosecution under applicable national or provincial laws. In addition to any other remedies available to geoLOGIC hereunder, at law or in equity, if geoLOGIC determines that Named User has allowed or committed access in violation of these Terms of Use, then geoLOGIC may halt access to the geoLOGIC Products.

5 Limitations on the Grant of License and Obligations of Named User

  1. The license of geoLOGIC Products to Named User hereunder is non-transferable or assignable in any manner.
  2. Named User shall:
    1. hold the geoLOGIC Products in confidence and implement security measures to ensure there is no unauthorized Disclosure or modification of the geoLOGIC Products;
    2. change Named User credentials when requested by geoLOGIC;
    3. use the geoLOGIC Products only in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Agreement.
    4. Named User acknowledges their responsibility to prevent unauthorized Disclosure of the geoLOGIC Products; and
    5. Named User shall not disassemble or decode, nor cause or permit any Person to disassemble or decode the geoLOGIC Products, or modify the geoLOGIC Products so as to defeat the Security of the geoLOGIC Products.
  3. Use of geoLOGIC Products to provide services to other Persons is prohibited:
    1. Named User agrees to use the geoLOGIC Products only in the ordinary course of Named User’s own business;
    2. Named User shall not use the geoLOGIC Products to operate a service or business in which the geoLOGIC Products is used to provide services or information or prepare reports for other Persons for a fee; and
    3. Named User shall not use the geoLOGIC Products to compete with geoLOGIC or to develop products that compete with geoLOGIC Products.
  4. No Modification of geoLOGIC Products: Named User shall not:
    1. Alter, enhance, disassemble, decompile, modify or reverse engineer any of the geoLOGIC Products or prepare any derivative works from the geoLOGIC Products; or
    2. Merge the geoLOGIC Products with other software or data unless Named User first obtains the written consent of geoLOGIC which consent may, without reason or justification, be withheld by geoLOGIC.
    3. Named User acknowledges and agrees that Named User does not hereunder acquire any right to source code for the geoLOGIC Products and in no circumstance will geoLOGIC be required to supply source code for the geoLOGIC Products to Named User.

6 Limited Warranty, Disclaimer Of Implied Warranties And Limitation Of Remedies

We provide the service "as is," "with all faults," and "as available." We don't guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of information available from the service. You acknowledge that computer and telecommunications systems are not fault-free and occasional periods of downtime occur. We do not guarantee the service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free, or that data loss will not occur.

THE NAMED USER RELEASES geoLOGIC FROM ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, OBLIGATIONS AND LIABILITIES REGARDING THE geoLOGIC PRODUCTS. IN NO EVENT WILL geoLOGIC BE LIABLE FOR DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE USE OF THE geoLOGIC PRODUCTS, EVEN IF geoLOGIC HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES.  geoLOGIC disclaims and Named User hereby waives all implied warranties including those of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and all those which may arise from course of performance, course of dealing, or usage or trade. In particular, neither geoLOGIC warrants performance, quality or operation of the geoLOGIC Products or the accuracy or completeness of any of the geoLOGIC Products. Named User hereby releases geoLOGIC from any liability for any loss, damages, injury or actions brought by other Persons, or any incidental or consequential losses or damages resulting from Named User or any other Person using or relying on the geoLOGIC Products or relying on any product created from or based on the geoLOGIC Products.

7 Changes to the service

geoLOGIC may change the geoLOGIC Products or add or delete features at any time for any reason.

8 Privacy Policy